I wake up with her on my sheets.
Thinking why doesn’t she just leave me be.
She watches my every move telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. She tells all my worries and all of my regrets.
She tells me I might never be the best and why even try you are not like the rest.
She follows me to out to my car and calls shotgun!
Telling me “you might not make it, you might be a forgotten one”.
Luckily get to work, find my chair. Turing on the computer as she continues to stare.

The work day is done, walking out to my car saying “this might be the one”.
Arriving home, barley making it out alive.
She continuing to tell me you will forever be stuck with me.
I told her to she could leave me now but she would’t leave.

6 months go by not a smell, taste or presence in sight. I lay down in my bed where she once was and start to write.

“Her”, I would describe her link a fisherman just waiting for another bite. Hoping that one day the hook might set and she could win the fight.

Her name is fear.

It was a cold and cruel evening.

A face as white as snow.

A face full of time and no more room to grow.

The clock has stopped and it was only beginning...


Did we do enough to leave a legacy?

Did we try to see it all like the stars in the galaxy?

Did we fight for what was right and not what we liked?

Did we kill ourselves self to make a life?


Why does it matter will we bring it with us?

Why does it seem sometimes life is only full of pizza crust ?

Why does it feel like a dream that has already occurred?

Why does it look like a lone bird with no flock?

Why does it appear as a Watson with no Sherlock?


Will it be okay?

Will it be alright?

Will it be like flashings lights on graduation day?

Will it hurt like a heartbreak under a street light?


Time flies... Darkness fills the void of eternal night.

Time flies... eyes open and body starts to shake.

Time stops...  Now staring at a golden the gate...


Suddenly hear a voice, “Looks like you have finished the race...”

All doubt and worry flee from the face.


The gates open, this is home and that’s no debate.